Telling a Story Through Your Bridal Henna

You are stressed.

You are pulling out your hair because you just want everything to represent how you and your partner fell in love.

Even though some designs and decor are hard to customize, the one thing you can always plan is your henna.

The real question is, how do you go about this?

Here is the process to achieving the perfect henna:

The consultation:

Once you book your consultation with me, you provide inspiration pictures of what you like. I also recommend clients to create a Pinterest board or an album of designs that they have saved on instagram. The best thing about Pinterest and instagram is that you can organize your wedding details the way you want.

Wire-framing and outlines:

After I get an idea of what you want and how you want your love stories to portray in your henna, I start doing outlines of designs that you like and find ways to incorporate your precious moments in it.

Sometimes clients trust my work and decide to go more traditional with designs, but when they want a customized look, I create wireframes so they know what they will have.

Sometimes brides decide to completely change the mehndi, but it depends on the preferences! I prefer to have outlines sometimes because it ends up saving time during the appointment. If the bride has a specific style and likes to have traditional old school designs, those typically do not need customization.

The final result:

Here this bride chose to have little customization and more traditional looks. The symbols that she chose were a plane, lipstick kiss, and elephants. The plane represented her husband because he traveled a lot; the lipstick kiss symbolized her career as a makeup artist; and lastly the elephants were a consistent theme of her bridal outfits that she chose. She also included her husband's name in the henna! Let me know if you can find it, his name is Shubhnit.

Nisha Weds Shubhnit

At the end of the day, your henna can be customized however you want. The coolest thing about it is that you can have your artist draw what you want and highlight your favorite symbols and motifs.

I hope this post helps you figure out how you want to design your henna! Comment below and let me know what you think!

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