Intricate Leg Henna

You just bought your outfit for your wedding.

You have picked out your colors, your jewelry, hairstyles, and nail colors. Now you are ready to adorn your arms and legs with beautiful designs.

Traditionally henna artists do a lot of designs on the arms, but rarely on the legs. We normally just do simple feet designs that go up to the ankles, but not higher. Another factor that has also caused us to do less henna is COVID-19. Now that everything has been opening up and going back to normal, a lot of brides have been choosing to get more henna on their legs.

(Quick side note: I absolutely love doing leg henna so I am very excited!)

One thing to consider when you are doing henna on your feet is to look at the size of your calves and the shape of your feet. There are so many fun styles that you can do with your henna, but it is important to make sure that you choose a style that works for you!

Here are some elegant and awesome designs to get some inspiration from:

Shin Armor

This design was extremely unique because this bride got the henna on just her legs and not on the feet and let her heels speak for the designs! Another thing to mention is that she also got arches at the end of her henna to elongate her feet.

Walking in a Flower Garden

Since this girl was obsessed with floral designs, I gave her a cool pattern that was centralized around flowers and accentuated her nail polish. I made sure to add vines on her legs and made it appear longer. This was a really fun appointment because i had coordinated with another artist with the pattern!

Stars and Vines

While designing this bridal similar to the one above, I added cool arches to create a jewelry effect on her feet. This one was very modern yet traditional because she wanted her feet to resemble a Louis Vuitton design! I also wanted her feet to look like lace stockings as well since it seemed to fit the shape of her legs and feet!

Maharani Stockings

And lastly... some Maharani Stockings. If you look carefully, I added leaves at the top of her design to make it look very exotic and sharp. I improvised the majority of this design and made her legs look very royal. Along with this, I added bell and strap designs to make her jewelry blend in with the henna.

Overall, leg designs are becoming more popular now and as a bride, it doesn't hurt to go all out for your special day. The more henna you get, the more decorations you will be adding to your wedding day! :)

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