Different Ways to Glam Your Bridal Look

It’s exciting.

Your heart is racing.

The moment is finally here.


You have been pinning your dream decorations, outfits, and reception looks on Pinterest for awhile and now that you are officially a bride-to-be, you want to make sure you have your wedding look set. You are already set on your dream outfit, hair, makeup and jewelry, but what about your henna? Most brides are always concerned about how they want to design their henna, so it’s best you make sure to get your outfit ready first before you look for designs.

Styles of henna:

Many brides get designs ranging from simple to intricate depending on their taste. Traditionally, the family members of the bride encourage her to get more heavier and filled henna because they believe the color will come out better and look aesthetically pleasing in pictures. This filled look is commonly seen with dark red bridal outfits, but as the Indian fashion industry continues to evolve, the colors of the outfits differ. Today, we see brides wearing all sorts of colors such as creams, pastels, white and different shades of red.

Pink, Pastels, Purples and more!

Pastel colors are the best colors to have for wedding outfits. The dark and mature stain of the bridal henna pops so much more when the outfit has pastel colors.

This mint green outfit allows the red stain to stand out in the picture. Along with this, the bride also got henna with some spacing on her hands to contrast the design with the simple outfit.

If you are more traditional and old-school like this bride, mandalas (patterned circles/chakras) are very common amongst this style.

Mint green with intricate and traditional henna

Although this taupe/lavender color has some gold and red designs, the dark stain highlights the other red designs on the outfit as well.

Lavender with intricate designs

Now we have an intricate field of gold flowers on a white background. Interestingly enough, this bride chose to go more simple and spaced out with her henna . The white background enhances the bold Arabic flowers and creates an awesome jewelry effect. Traditionally, brides wear bangle sets to match their outfits, but here she did not need them!

Bold and simple Arabic designs in a field of white and gold

Dark and bright...

This bride went all out and wore a dark green velvet outfit. She also got Jagua henna to accent all of her favorite motifs and symbols. Along with this, the intricacy of this henna blends extremely well with the dark color because she got shaded realistic flowers right on top of her hands. This is a little more on the modern side of henna designs because it has Jagua and non-traditional flowers.

Blue flowers with a dark green field

Lastly, we have a garden of flowers and paisleys with an intricate AND bold henna designs. This beautiful bride received fine/intricate lines and grids to contrast with the lotus and flowers. This is a very traditional bridal look because of the bright red and gold colors. The henna she had was very modern and traditional because she had some elements that looked realistic as well.

Black cherry red on bright red

With henna, you can customize your look the way you want. Resources that you can use to find inspiration are Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok! Your love story and favorite designs can be portrayed through this art with any awesome outfit that you find. If you have trouble finding outfit inspiration, the best tip I can give, as a henna artist, is to find something that will make your henna pop and also happens to be your favorite color!

Hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you have any questions or fun thoughts.

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