Rules to getting a beautiful dark stain:

  1. Always wash your hands (or specific area where you will get your tattoo) before having the henna paste applied. This gets rid of the dead skin so that way your tattoo can last longer.

  2. Do not apply lotion or any moisturizer on your hands (or specific body part)

  3. Notify your henna artist if you have any cuts or scrapes.

After you get your tattoo:

  1. Make sure you have sugar-lemon sealant dabbed/sprayed on to your henna paste. This makes your henna stain stick longer and darken.

  2. Keep the henna paste on for 8 hours or more.

  3. After that scrape the paste off with a butter-knife. DO NOT WASH IT OFF.

  4. After you scrape the paste, apply coconut oil (Vaseline is preferable) on the stain and do not let water touch your stain for 24 hours (do not wash your hands,).

  5. Your stain will eventually darken throughout this time period. After 24 hours you can wash your hands and your stain will be fully set in.

Henna Care

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