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Bridal Lengths are extremely important to look at. The more density and intricacy you would like in your mehndi, the more expensive it is. Call or email for a quote (Tulsi will be happy to discuss the budget and pricing). Email is the best option because you can attach designs that you would like. All designs are custom made, so make sure you tell Tulsi exactly what you want! 


It is recommended that you book your bridal mehndi event two days before your wedding that way your stain is extremely dark then.

**If you want to make appointments for family members, please notify Tulsi as soon as possible.

Bridal packages range from $340- $650 (travel fees apply).


  1. You must reserve your date at least 2-4 months before your event to secure the appointment.

  2. Once you have booked, you are offered a free henna consultation and a small bridal demo to get an idea of how Tulsi will decorate your hands. Please call Tulsi to make an appointment for your henna consultation. The day you come in for your bridal consultation is the day you will pay a $150 deposit (nonrefundable). 

  3. You are required to sign a contract and all  payments must be made before the service is provided.

**Henna by Tulsi is not responsible for redoing any damaged sections of the art work made by the client during the appointment. If the client wishes to have the design redone a charged a fee depending on how large the damage is.**

Rani Package

The Rani package includes mehndi gloves starting at the elbow. The bride will also have Mehndi done on her feet starting just below the knee.

Number of hours: 7-9 (depending on coverage and style)

Price: $490-$1000

Anahita Package

The Anahita package includes mehndi gloves starting midway down from arms to the hand and midway down from calves to feet 

Number of hours: 5-7

Price: $400-$780

Pradeepta Package

Pradeepta package is a cute and elegant mehndi package. The bride has small mehndi gloves that end just above her wrists and the mehndi on her feet starts at her ankles.

Number of hours: 3-5

Price: $340-$450

Custom Package
  1. Rani (feet) + Anahita (hands)

  2. Rani (hands) + Anahita (feet)

  3. Rani (hands) + Pradeepta (feet)

  4. Rani (feet) +Pradeepta (hands)

  5. Anahita (hands) + Pradeepta (feet)

  6. Anahita (feet) + Pradeepta (hands)

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